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In everything we do,
I will protect you.

When you need some help,
If you’re tired and wet.
I will protect you.

When it’s hard to smile,
I will stay awhile, and I’ll protect you.

When you’ve had enough,
and your day’s been tough,
I will protect you.

If you need a friend,
Til life’s long end, I will protect you.…

You tend to think about an ex more often than you ought to. You get frustrated that new relationships seem hard to develop when deep inside you are thinking about someone you used to be very close to.

This feeling can hold you back from reaching the point of release, and putting 100% of your effort into making things work with a new partner. You are not alone – this feeling is quite common. It tends to affect females more – maybe you are emotionally more sensitive?

If this illustrates how you are feeling, then put some thought into analysing …

Everybody loves their Mum, and we think they all deserve a treat this Mother’s Day (Sunday 26th March 2017).
Here are 5 great gift ideas, which are an equally good choice as a pressie for any man’s wife, partner or girlfriend.

Mug Cakes book from Prezzybox.
Don’t be a mug, be a mug cake baker. Mug Cakes is a gift to those who fancy a bit of cake now and then. This book shows you how to make gorgeously sweet cakes in a mug. Click for details.

Biba Sparkling Champagne Range from House of Fraser.
From £14 to …

Success Stories
Here's a message from Faith about how she met George via Unlimited Company, fell in love and just had to tell us about it. "I'd sent an Icebreaker, not really knowing what to expect. In the next few days I had so many replies from lots of nice gentlemen, I couldn't read them all, so I sifted through and George was just one man I responded to. We chatted online and decided to meet for a coffee. I'm 64 and George is a toy boy at 58. Both feeling nervous I talked so much rubbish I thought he wouldn't want to meet up again, but he did. We've been going out, as they say, for 6 months and both having loved before, finding new love at our ages is brilliant. Joining your site was the best investment I have ever made, thanks."
Faith and George - Cornwall


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